Friday, March 28, 2008

Expressive Typography

Expressive Typography pays attention to physical shapes of type, and uses them as a visual element to convey emotions and not just information.

In the logo below for 'Mahabharat', an Indian epic of a war, the characters fight with each other.

Here 'M' depicts the 'Kauravs' who are trying to trample the 'Pandavs'. As the eye moves towards 'B' the Pandavas stand up for their rights and fight against them.

In the image below, the letters are positioned/ arranged in such a way to depict 'sluggishness'.

Expressive Typography can bridge the 'meaning' and the 'type' together. Eg: Jost Hochuli used a simple 'fi' ligature, to create this meaningful image of unity and integration between two countries (France and Italy).Type can also be used as a collage as shown below

Tag Clouds are examples of 'weighted list' where type depicts the most frequently visited sections of the site. Data clouds may depict varying type to suggest volume, etc.

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